Reverbnation Newsletter

Wow, summer 2016 officially ends in 2 days. Mine was a lot quality time with my kids, topped off with a few quick trips where I got some GLORIOUS time to myself to take inventory of a backlog of song ideas. Let’s see… I also had a Drink named after me at the Elephant Room, made my runway model debut, ha! …what else? A lot of it is on my INSTAGRAM. #SayYes

I’ve been opening for Rosie Flores at the Wednesday Continental Club Gallery shows. She’s not doing her big guitar playing Rockabilly show. She’s singing Jazz standards!  It’s a great vibe between us and Rosie and I are about to write some songs together. I’m there through the end of October, but hoping to keep it going, if y’all keep coming out. Thank you!

Many creative endeavors and collaborations are coming my way. I’m so pleased with songs that I finished recently and I’m in the planning stages for recording my 1st solo album in over a decade! Getting busier with great gigs, the band just keeps getting tighter, and we’re starting to get good private bookings. I would say that I am officially in the flow!

Please tell your people to hire us for holiday and private events! Also, do you want to host a house concert? Have Band, Will Travel.

Oh, and pick up the Fall Issue of TEXAS LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE! There is a little interview with me and I participated in a Texas musicians fashion spread. Ooh La La!

If you see Toni Price walking around the Continental Club saying, “What Time is It? Now! That’s what time it is. The time is now! And what time will be in a few minutes?  Now!”, we’ve been studying The Power of Now in our own little book club for two and it’s such a life-changer. We might actually be the last 2 people of everyone you know to finally read it, but if you have not… see if it resonates!