Happy New Year!

I really mean that. Happy New Year!!!! Beginning my 2017, I have more of a sense of renewal and hope than I possibly ever have in the 1st days of January. 2016 was excruciatingly enlightening and though I wouldn’t change a moment of it… ouch, damn, thank you…ONWARD!

Much is afoot for me, musically. I’m not QUITE ready to talk about it, but it’s been a while since I sent a newsletter and I want to send a general helloooooo! I’m still playing Wednesdays at the Continental Club Gallery. My band is so amazing. Most weeks, we have Mitch Watkins on guitar, Masumi Jones on drums, Oliver Steck in Hammond and cornet and with Brad Houser or Pat Harris on bass. No cover. 8:30-10pm. I’m also playing a few Happy Hours a month at The Elephant Room. This is a distinctly different show than the Gallery. I love them both for different reasons. I hope you will come hear us at both.

This is the time of year when people start asking for your votes in the Austin Music Poll. I’m going to push harder on this next year, when I have a new release, but your votes are ALWAYS appreciated and powerful.

I just wish you all the best. Truly… my highest and best to you.

Much love,
p.s. Recent reads that have shaped me:
Mastery – especially when he ties it in at the end with the return to reality and the interconnectedness of all things that becomes ones reality when they pursue knowledge to the point of mastery in any field.
We – still processing this…