Hello 2016!!!

I rounded out a very bumpy, yet poignant 2015 with a wonderful new turn in my musical path. I went to Sao Paulo Brazil to write with Cuban pianist/cellist Yaniel Matos. We have 7 originals that we wrote together, plus 3 of my songs, one of his that we recorded when he cames to Austin mid February with Masumi Jones on drums and Daniel Durham on bass. We recorded the basic tracks in my living room and it means the world to have my mother’s 1928 Steinway on the album.

Here’s a video from the day I met Yaniel, when Masumi and Daniel brought him over to jam.

A video of us at Yaniel’s house in Brazil in December.

Two weeks ago, recording vocals on the song the 4 of us wroteon the spot on the day they came over and I 1st met Yaniel in September.