Welcome to Sarah

Sarah Sharp is a songwriter and Jazz singer based in Austin, Texas.   She’s 1/2 of the pop duo Kaliyo and a former Jitterbug Viper.

R.I.P. Slim Richey

Most Dangerous Guitar Player in Texas, indeed. It does not feel like you are gone at all.This recording means the world to me.  I’ve never known another man who can play with this much soul, grace, restraint, passion, coolness. No one compares.

Recent Song Placements

A Viper Just The Same on S6 Ep 7 of “The Good Wife” – Jitterbug Vipers

“Deep Girl” by Kaliyo on the Revenge Promo

If You Come Over – used by Chanel

Take What You Can Get – used by Dell

More recent song placements…

“Sarah Sharp’s voice just oozes class throughout ‘Phoebe’s Dream’ and her songs are genuinely timeless.” – No Depression

““When you’re high, there’s nothing else to do but watch your very next breath make its way through the sky,” melts Sarah Sharp in a tranquil vocal haze on “When You’re High,” lulling an ephemerality that seeps through the entirety of Phoebe’s Dream. ”  Austin Chronicle

“Sarah Sharp’s soft spoken singing style and quiet instrumentations offer a living room, fireside closeness that keeps her away from the lounge-singer stereotypes of similarly jazz-influenced performers.” NPR – All Songs Considered